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Often times, we receive phone calls asking us if we build "normal" houses.  While we belive there is nothing "normal" about a Younique home, every home can have some level of Green built into its core. We work with all current Green programs today to allow our clients to learn and evaluate what level they want to participate. No two clients are ever the same and each client has their own personal reasons for going green.  Why not give us a call to discuss this further.

Even with as complicated as Home Building is, Younique Design + Build is a firm believe in keeping it as simple as possible for our clients. When building with Younique Design + Build, there is 6 main stages of design and build.  We outline the 6-Phase structure below but welcome you to contact us to learn more about one or all of the stages.


We’re here to build what you want and it starts by listening. We want to know your dreams, needs, wants and most of all questions. Starting with meeting to help us understand exactly what you are looking for, where and by when. These initial discovery conversations give us the information needed to help provide some initial guidance to house sizing, rough pricing, and timing plans for your build.


Working together as a team, it is important to provide guidance to you to ensure everyone in your project is working towards the same goal. Your reason and goals for building a new home are unique to you and offering guidance to those goals are extremely important. Ensuring you understand the process, green building road-map, our team design approach and persistence in ensuring the plans will meet your needs, we can move on to the design of your home and begin getting creative.


Once we have established the criteria for your new home, we begin the Design Phase. This phase initiates the design of your home where we will work to create floor plans, elevations and make design selections for your home. Utilizing an incredibly robust 3D design program, Chief Architect, it allows you to view the home in its entirety before a shovel is put in the ground. The design phase is the first incredible journey of construction and extremely fun since you will help design your new dream home.


Now that the Design Phase is complete and we have a true picture of what you will be building and including in your new home, we can move to the Pricing Phase. We work through all the pricing for your custom home. We look at homesite variables, permitting, resources and labor allocation. This sets the stage for finalizing the price for your home and working together to fully understand what we will be including and ultimately building. At this time, financing should be attained.


With the Price Agreement in place, financing in order, we begin to solidify your build schedule. Using your design and pricing, we will build a customized schedule for your home.  Once we are in agreement, we will begin your build. Throughout your build, you are kept up-to-date with all aspects of your home’s progress via the BuilderTrend app along with regular on-site walkthroughs with your Younique Design + Build team.


Your home is complete and we celebrate with a small gathering and homeowner orientation. We walk and discuss your new home and your new relationship with the house.  Our relationship doesn’t end here however, you can rest easy knowing our guarantee and warranty coverage is in place. Once you are living in your new home, we set up periodic check-ups to ensure your home is performing as designed.

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