Green Science

Why are we Building Green?

The better question is why not?

Rarely a day goes by any more without you hearing, seeing, or reading about something green. Green is everywhere. Green cars, green homes, green living, green is where it is at. Is this the reason we will be building green homes? Honestly? Sure… you are looking at our site, right? But that is not the half of it.

We are building green homes because it is the right thing to do. It is the right thing to do for our customers, their families, their health, their pocket books, and for our environment. There are still folks today that claim green is a fad. Green is a hippy or a tree-hugger thing. This thinking, while humerous, is preposterous. What we are calling green today will be the norm in a few
short years.

When most people think about green building they think of solar panels, geo-thermal heat pumps, funky designs, and in most cases they think this is going to cost lots of money. This is not so! All of these things can be components of green building but they don’t need to be unless you want them.

  • 1 Low E argon filled windows
  • 2R-45 attic insulation
  • 32 x 6 Walls with Huber Zip-Wall System
  • Insulated foundation with moisture intrusion system
  • 5Energy Star appliances
  • Energy Star lighting/CFLs
  • 7Energy efficient doors
  • 8Programmable thermostats
  • 9High Efficient Furnace Filter
  • 10Correctly sized High Efficient HVAC
  • 11High efficiency water heating systems
  • 12High Density Blown Insulation
  • 13Engineered subfloor
  • 14Insulated Ductwork in Non-Occupied Areas
  • 15Insulated garage door
  • 16Future or installed photovoltaics
  • 17Sealed High efficiency fireplace

For Your Family, For Our Environment

Green Building is the standard for Younique Design + Build. According to The University of Michigan Center Center for Sustainable Systems, in 2017 the residential sector accounteds 38.5% of total electrical sales nationwide and in 2018, 21% of gas.  That’s why it matters that all Younique Design + Build homes are constructed to minimize energy consumption and keep the world as green as possible.

We build responsibly with respect to the environment by:

  • managing site material use
  • selecting sustainable building materials where available
  • utilizing energy efficient HVAC and water systems
  • adhering to a pre-construction plan to avoid overages or costly alterations

From lot preparation and building processes to interior planning and materials selection, we think ‘green’ at every turn. With this level of dedication and planning, every Younique home contributes to the creation of more sustainable neighborhoods by minimizing environmental impact.

We also prioritize HEALTHIER, EVERYDAY LIVING for Younique Design + Build homeowners. Younique homes are well-planned and designed to maximize every square foot of space. Our credentialed, experienced team, considers everything from air and water quality to appliance, window and finish selection. Superior systems and materials lead to better quality of living for families whose homes are Younique.

We pursue third-party certification of Younique Design + Build, to ensure we meet industry-wide standards and provide proof to homeowners that their home will offer energy efficiencies on a daily basis.

Another positive outcome of this third-party certified green building standard? Younique Design + Build Homes hold excellent RESALE value. The energy efficiencies, advanced engineering and quality of materials motivate buyers because of their short and long-term benefits. From lower utilities bills and better indoor air quality to minimized pollution and overall environmental friendliness, it’s the value of Younique Design + Build  Homes sustains and endures.

“Our goal is to reduce our  impact on the environment through design and construction by utilizing durable products, energy and indoor air quality systems.”

Home Energy Efficiency – Energy Star Certified Home

  • Third-party certification to determine whole home energy efficiency
  • Younique Design + Build uses a professional HVAC designer  to ensure HVAC is properly sized to the space for ultimate energy efficiency and proper air flow including:
  • 14 to 16 seer A/C sytems
  • Options – Geo-thermal, Duel-Fuel Systems
  • Options - Tankless Water Heaters
  • Energy Star rated windows customized to local climate. Double-paned, insulated, low-E, Argon filled glass
  • Blown cellulose in exterior walls and attic – R-45 in attic/R-24 in walls, Options –Foam
  • Air tight IC rated can lights
  • Tech Shield roof decking providing a radiant barrier ensures cooler attic temperatures
  • Thermal House Wrap providing a radiant barrier again for more regulated temperatures
  • Energy Star Rated Appliances

There are 4 primary "Green" type programs

Energy Star