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Building a better home isn't just a passion of the team at Younique Design + Build, it's our mission.  Homes that are designed and built to stand the test of time and constructed to reduce its overall carbon footprint which will leave     this planet a better place for the future generations to come.  The team at Younique Design + Build is comprised of like minded professionals working each day to design and build the most advanced green homes in Northwest Indiana.   The Younique Team is made up of some of the most highly qualified, trained and educated professionals in the building trades today.

Our team of dedicated professionals are prepared to work with you every step of the way. We will help guide you through the entire process with careful explanation, provide education on why we do certain things and eliminate unexpected surprises that can take the fun out of building a new home.

As a full-service design-build firm, we will help you with any need you may have for your new design. We can handle any request with construction design, interior design or we can work with your own design team. Either way, we offer value-conscious service coupled with the top quality craftsmanship that custom homes deserve. And once your home is built, our commitment to you doesn't sway with periodic inspection visits to ensure your Younique Home is operating at maximum comfort and efficiency.   

How do you really choose your builder? Cost per square foot? Ask your friends? Family? Do you get testimonials from previous clients? 

Establishing criteria to choose your builder can be a daunting task but a very important step.                  

Younique belives that providing our clients with real-world established credentials helps them understand our professiionalism and committment to the finest homebuilding available today.  Our team at Younique is fortuntate to have certified and verifiable building professionals.  Our team holds four credentials including the most sought after certifications for a builder  which are rarely achieved are the Graduate Master Builder (GMB) and the Master CGP (Certified Green Professional).  These two designations require hours of online and in-class course work as well as field proficiency to attain.   The other two designations are Certified Green Professional (CGP) and Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS)

Nearly all builders belive that just having time in the trenches is enough to understand the complex details building a home entails. While time in the industry is important, Younique Design + Build belives field experience, industry knowledge and staying up-to-date learning new, advanced and cost saving methods are important to the future of our business and the building industry.

The Master Builder designation is not for everyone and not everyone can earn this title. According to IBIS, there are more than 378,036 firms handling residential homebuilding in the United States and 627,398 employed in the Home Building Industry  yet only 284 have earned the title of Graduate Master Builder.

- Indiana has only 11 GMB Certified Builders and Younique Design + Build is the only GMB Certified Builder in Lake and Porter County

As green and high-performance construction turns to the mainstream, experienced green industry professionals sought an educational designation that signifies their long-standing commitment to and experience with sustainable building and remodeling.

It was found with the Master Certified Green Professional (Master CGP) designation. More than theory, this designation includes a series of hands-on curriculum requirements as well as significant experience in the field. Classes are held with the support and cooperation of Green Building Advisor, the leading green web publication in the field. The emphasis on building science: a core competency in a field that changes almost daily as new products and techniques are introduced. 

- Indiana has only 2 Master Certified Green Professionals with Younique Design + Build the only north of Westfield, Indiana

In 2023, we added another Designation to our Story with the addition of the Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS).  This designation will allow Younique Design + Build to work through the use of universal design principles,  work with you to create a safe, comfortable and more independent life in your home; both now and for the future. But, it doesn’t stop with addressing design. CAPS professionals are trained in common remodeling projects and costs, accessibility issues, product recommendations, codes and standards, and the process and resources needed to provide a complete aging in place solution.      

Using   Certified Aging in Place Specialist, you can rest assured we have been reliably instructed on how to craft solutions that meet the needs of all aging persons.        

Referrals, friends and Google are great ways to create a short list of potential home builders to help bring your dream to life, but also, trust someone who has taken the time to learn the fine craft of homebuilding, trust Younique Design + Build.


Personal Certifications Held By The Younique Team


Who doesn't want to play on a team?  Be part of the winning solution? Help to ensure everyone gets credit for a job well don?    Ensuring your investment is key to Younique Design + Build.  Our approach to homebuilding is an effective "Team" system. We require each professional working on your project to complete each task according to manufacturer's recommended installation practice or allowable practice. This allows us to provide you with the most comprehensive accountability program.

Each of our Team Partners are encouraged to attend as many continuing education seminars dealing with programs such as installation, warranty, and business. Younique Design + Build works directly with the Team Partners to ensure installation compliance. This level of accountability for the Team Partners provides you with the most qualified work in your home.

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